Mindvalley Launches New Digital Learning Platform That Increases Online Learning Completion Rates By 800%

After a beta test involving 10,000 students, Mindvalley Quests emerges as a " dramatically more effective" alternative to traditional online education platforms.

Education company Mindvalley has launched a new cross-channel digital learning platform that brings together microlearning technology, virtual communities, and today's leading teachers in human potential to create an online education experience that students are much more likely to complete and benefit from, versus existing online learning platforms.

The Mindvalley Quests mobile app offers a library of 15-90 day digital courses known as 'Quests', that can be experienced simultaneously with other students from across the world. Categories of available Quests include peak performance, fitness, modern spirituality, transformational leadership, and a free goal setting course available as a launch gift to new students.

"The Mindvalley Quests mantra is impossible goals achieved together, and that's something our own community helped us verbalize," says Mindvalley Founder & CEO Vishen Lakhiani. "After a study on over 10,000 paying students, we've found two ways to consistently amplify a person's motivation, focus and follow-through, and solve the fundamental problem with online learning in general - which is that only five percent of people ever complete the online courses they take."

The first is a self-growth philosophy known as microlearning, which advocates small and sustainable daily actions, that snowball into life-changing personal transformation over time. The training and exercises in each Quest are designed by behavioral change experts and take just 20 minutes a day, so even the busiest person can fit them into their schedule.

The second approach is a focus on community-driven learning. Each time a student takes a Quest, they're doing so at the exact same time as thousands of supportive students from 100+ countries worldwide.

Apart from a variety of in-app community features that encourage ongoing support and interaction, students also have the flexibility to stay connected with their Quest mates and teachers at any time and on any device, from mobile to tablet to computers.

Mindvalley has also started working with governments, filmmakers, and major media channels to create customized Quests that help underserved communities, veterans, and people with disabilities live richer, fuller lives.

Mindvalley Quests' rapid success has attracted the support of various teachers, thinkers, scientists in the field of human potential. The mobile learning app now features courses from modern-day thought leaders like Ken Wilber, Neale Donald Walsch and Robin Sharma, and even great minds of the past like Alan Watts.

"We're calling on both active consumers of online education, and even people who've never thought about taking an online course before, to download Mindvalley Quests and experience this game-changing learning platform," says Vishen Lakhiani. "Mindvalley Quests is a far more effective, enjoyable and immersive approach to online learning - and we believe anyone passionate about self-mastery will fall in love with what it has to offer."

Mindvalley Quests is now available as a free download on Apple's App Store and Google Play. To celebrate its launch, Mindvalley is giving away free access to The 6 Phase Meditation: a Quest designed to bring your meditation to the next level in just 20 minutes a day. New free & premium Quests are released every month.

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