Art With Me *GNP Announces Details For Care With Me Program Focused On Sustainability And Waste Management In Tulum

Art With Me *GNP “Presented by TANE” emerged in 2018 as Tulum’s first Arts & Ecoculture Festival. With the second edition taking place from April 24-28, we are proud to announce the details and programming for our environmental pillar Care With Me. The program is focused around the core mission of bringing ecological awareness, sustainability, and waste management to Tulum and beyond.

While Tulum has until recently been an ecological refuge from overdevelopment, its accelerated growth has expedited the need for immediate consideration and resolution of environmental concerns. Our programming focuses on inspiring talks, workshops, indigenous ceremonies, interactive experiences to educate and encourage attendees to adopt conscious and sustainable practices, and recycled artwork.

Specific highlights from the Care With Me programming will include eco films from Earth X, the chance to create an Eco-Collective art piece with festival attendees and members of the community, helping to plant a new urban garden with Huerto Roma Verde experts from Mexico City, a Rain Opening Ceremony from Mayan elders, a collective market of Tulum's art, Mayan handicrafts and local eco products, educational upcycling art workshops, talks with Tulum's local environmentalists and national leaders, and virtual reality pieces on plastic pollution and recycling by BioHogar.

Other highlights will include Sensorium, a guided experience to awaken consciousness through the senses, a Red Tent by Ixchel Aradia to provide natural gynecology and sexual education, a collective photographic exhibition showcasing Tulum's nature, large scale waste sculptures by Escultrash and ProArtso, building of containers to sort waste, talks and workshops related to eco-building and eco-construction at Expo Tulum, cleanups of beach, jungle, and town areas by Makers Tulum to celebrate Earth Day, and much more to be announced ahead of the festival. Talks will also include a panel about sustainable development in conjunction with our partners at SELVAZAMA.

Our Care With Me program also extends beyond the festival with our team working with the local community, businesses, the municipality, NGO’s, and environmental organizations year-round to help the region address environmental issues related to its rapid growth. Attendees can also take the Care With Me Pledge, which urges those interested in these issues to become a part of the solution. Highlights from the pledge include avoiding single-use plastics, bringing your own portable water bottle, leaving no trace and avoiding the disposal of cigarette butts on the ground, choosing walking or a bicycle over a motorized vehicle, and reducing your water and energy consumption whenever possible.

The pledge also focuses on supporting the local economy, which includes respecting the livelihoods of local vendors and artisans by paying a fair price, hiring native guides with in-depth knowledge of the area, and choose community tourism operators with environmental policies and projects in place. A key focus of Care With Me is the continued development of a Solid Waste Management Program for Tulum. This is based on diagnosis, strategy, and operations to minimize the environmental impact of trash through reduction, separation and recycling. We are working in conjunction with the private sector, the municipality, NGOs and citizens to create a program that considers all stakeholders.

Achievements in 2018 included advising partner hotels on sustainable practices, hosting six beach cleanups, avoiding single-use plastics and recycling 40% of the festival’s waste stream, hosting events to identify the actions to be carried out around solid waste, creating a Solid Waste Management Action Plan (PGIRS) to be implemented in the Municipality of Tulum in collaboration with Red Tulum Sostenible, lobbying with authorities, businessmen, citizens and private initiative for the understanding and integration of the Solid Waste Management Plan, hosting a “Plastic Solutions Forum” with Greenpeace and UN Environment, and forming a National Alliance with over 30 NGOs to ban single-use plastic in México.

Our 2019 goals include implementing education and communication Programs to teach people how to reduce and sort their waste, installation and activating 12 collection centers in the urban area of Tulum with one center each month for a year, supporting the creation of the Recycling Center of the Municipality, planting and maintain an Urban Garden at Tulum’s Casa de Cultura, implementing Oceanic Global Standard at all venues to reduce environmental impact raising awareness of issues around Solid Waste Management in Tulum, and educating tourists on how to become environmentally aware.

More information about Care With Me can be found on our website and tickets to attend the festival can be found here. Early bird tickets have already sold out and Tier One tickets are moving quickly. Art With Me *GNP understands the impact of large crowds on the infrastructure and delicate ecology of Tulum and is limiting ticket sales to create an intimate experience for festival goers.

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About Art With Me *GNP:
Art With Me *GNP is a community-driven festival that curates art, talks, music, wellness and cultural experiences as a platform to inspire change and foster awareness amongst attendees. The festival debuted in 2018 as Tulum’s first Arts & Cultural Festival and will be returning in 2019 from April 24-28.

The festival was co-founded by Ahau Collection founder David Graziano and Tulum resident Jorge Mondragon with the goal of uniting businesses, tourists and the local community to spearhead environmental and cultural initiatives for the benefit of Tulum.

Our mission is to inspire and activate the community to help preserve Tulum while having fun at the same time. Our Care With Me program works year-round to support projects that help solve Tulum’s solid waste management problem and promote a sustainable future. Join us to experience 200+ activations and 30+ musical acts in one place.






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