Art With Me *GNP Releases After Movie And Highlights From A Successful Second Year In Tulum Featuring Bob Moses, IK Lab, Daniel Popper, Bedouin, Michael Benisty And Much More

Following a successful debut in 2018, Art With Me *GNP Presented by Tane returned to Tulum this past April 24-28 and is now releasing the after movie compiling a lineup that included programming across seven core pillars including art, sustainability, music, wellness, culinary, and family as a platform to inspire change. With year two, the Art With Me *GNP experience grew to another level with thousands of guests, artists, teachers, and creators traveling from over 50 countries all across the world gathering together in majestic Tulum.

Throughout the festival, attendees had the chance to explore the region and take in many of the best hotels, restaurants, venues, and beaches for a diverse experience that included concerts, art exhibitions, culinary experiences, workshops, and more throughout five unforgettable days. The festival brought even more life and beauty to Tulum than usual with arts pieces spread all across the beach and town including Aldea Zama by Faena.

Highlights on the art front included the launch of Alchemistry by IK Lab, which featured Kelly Akashi, Bianca Bondi, and Rochelle Goldberg while exploring the alchemical process by operating synaesthetic shifts, staging dissolving shapes, revealing the infinite potentiality of materials and transposing matter into the mythological sphere. IK Lab also showcased Uh May during the festival, which highlighted the beautiful work of Ernesto Neto, Oskar Metsavaht, and Paulo Nazareth.

Other art highlights included AGAUE By Michael Benisty, which focussed on the connection between the human world, the depths of our oceans, and the spirited stories from Greek Mythology. For his second contribution to Art With Me *GNP, the one and only Daniel Popper returned to present ASANA which greeted guests at the entrance to the beach pavilion throughout the festival.

Music highlights included performances from Bob Moses and Bedouin on the beach and gathered a large crowd to watch these electronic artists mesmerize everyone in attendance. Another standout moment was an intimate performance from the Eduardo Castillo led group Mardeleva featuring Data Garden at Habitas. Audiences surrounded the artists from all directions while sitting and enjoying euphoric sounds together in a breathtaking and peaceful setting.

For their sustainability-focused Care With Me program, Art With Me *GNP continued to make strides with an investment of $6,500 raised to offset 50% of the festival’s carbon footprint. This was focused on the carbon impact of attendees, artists and production, air and ground transportation, energy, catering, accommodation, and more. Care With Me also focused their attention on beach clean ups, hosting talks and workshops on sustainability, supporting the development and implementation of a Solid Waste Management Plan for Tulum, eliminating single use plastics, and much more. Care With Me will continue to make strides throughout the year outside of the festival dates. More info on the program here.

As part of the festival’s Give WIth Me program, a community event was hosted on the first night featuring famed Mexican band Bronco. Guests were asked to bring 15 recyclable plastic bottles, Tetra Paks, or aluminum cans in exchange for free tickets to the concert. The goal of the concert and this ticket method was to encourage everyone to reduce the use of single-use plastics and to recycle them. The concert was attended by 7,000 people and one ton of containers were collected and recycled.

More standouts from the week included the GNP Millesime Experience for premium ticket holders on the rooftop of Kanan that featured 10 chefs live cooking and serving smile bites while cocktails were served, talks about sustainability, yoga for children, VR art pieces, dancing classes, Mayan Temazcal ceremonies, meditation, local artists showing off their work from Tulum Art Club, acro yoga, environmental films and much more for a program that included 300 activations, 50 art installations, 30 musical acts and more.

We would like to thank every single person that played a role in the 2019 edition of Art With Me *GNP and for making the festival so special. Check out the new after movie and keep your eyes peeled on the website and social channels for Art With Me *GNP to stay up to date on news and updates regarding the festival.

Watch the 2019 aftermovie here

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About Art With Me *GNP:

Art With Me *GNP is a community-driven festival that curates art, talks, music, wellness and cultural experiences as a platform to inspire change and foster awareness amongst attendees. The festival debuted in 2018 as Tulum’s first Arts & Cultural Festival returned in 2019 from April 24-28.

The festival was co-founded by Ahau Collection founder David Graziano and Tulum resident Jorge Mondragon with the goal of uniting businesses, tourists and the local community to spearhead environmental and cultural initiatives for the benefit of Tulum.

Our mission is to inspire and activate the community to help preserve Tulum while having fun at the same time. Our Care With Me program works year-round to support projects that help solve Tulum’s solid waste management problem and promote a sustainable future.






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